Dunedin Info For Visitors And Locals

Dunedin is the second largest city in the south island of New Zealand. It is vibrant- alternative and has many unique natural attractions on offer. It has lots of ambience influenced by Scottish European flair, steep hills and many beautiful buildings across the city. Wildlife such as the Royal Albatross and the Yellow Eyed Penguin combined with an amazing peninsula, golden beaches, old churches and historic buildings make Dunedin a unique destination to visit for natural and cultural diversity. The vast amount of students influence the accommodation of lovely bars, great places to eat out and amazing ambience. A great amount of cruise ships dock in Dunedin every year and thus bring people from all over the world to discover the treats of our favourite city. This page aims to provide updated information to allow locals and visitors to inform themselves about the many attractions and activities that are offered by the city of Dunedin.

Dunedin Information